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Young  journalists living in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany are called to connect, debate and learn over a 2-day online workshop in October.

Bonne pratique
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التصوّر المشترك بين الثقافات للقصص الخيالية كوسيلة عابرة للحدود

غالباً ما يتم تصوير وسرد الإلمام بالثقافة العربية والألمانية (أو الأوروبية) من خلال القوالب النمطية. وبالتالي، فإن الأدب العربي وخاصة القصص الخيالية كثيراً ما تُهمل باستثناء ربما قصة ألف ليلة وليلة. بالمقارنة بالعديد من أنواع النصوص الأخرى، تمزج القصص الخيالية...

14 Kilometers - the shortest distance between North Africa and Europe e.V.

National Network

Stephanstr. 19
10559 Berlin

E-Mail (2)
Mobile Phone
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Media
  5. Religion
  6. Youth and education
General Information
14km is a non-profit organisation registered in Berlin, Germany, in 2010. It consists of a board, a program manager and a circle of founding members who support it.
Mission and Objectives

It is our mission to help good ideas and equal partnerships between Europe and North Africa become reality – through both facilitating, developing and implementing non-profit and for-profit co-operations between the two regions that are socially just and sustainable. In doing so, we are working to bridge the cultural gap and overcome the socio-economic distance between the two regions. Our networking and project work is not restricted to North-South relationships but also includes triangle co-operations (North-South-South, North-North-South). We believe in people and their ideas, and our contacts are our greatest asset - our network based approach makes us unique. We support any good idea between North Africa and Europe that: 1. promotes socio-economic and/or political justice 2. is sustainable 3. corresponds with the needs and wishes of the target communities

Main Projects / Activities

We already provide services in the area of networking i.e. connecting interested individuals and organisations from Germany and North Africa with adequate partners on the 'other side'. We do so in personal meetings as well as via Currently we are putting most of our efforts into fundraising for the many project ideas (non-profit and social entrepreneurship) that we have developed and are developing with 'initiators' who have approached us.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We provide contacts for individuals and organisations that are based in Germany to adequate partners (according to the idea/initiative in question) in North Africa, but also the other way round.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are looking for partners from diverse fields in North Africa as well as Europe for project co-operations and networking.

Contact (1) Full Name
Dr. Anja Carolin Gebel
Head of the organisation
Nady Kamel, Tatjana Sharif

3rd European Youth Work Convention

The European Youth Work Convention (EYWC) is the central platform for discussing the latest developments in youth work practice and youth policy in Europe.

A Best of Civil Society Initiatives of the Euro-Mediterranean Region on 7th June 2021 in the framework of the "Long Night of Ideas 2021" of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany

Euromed Citizen Reporters

"EuroMed Citizen Visions" is a short live show offering a wide range of insights into civil society initiatives in Europe and the Mediterranean region. „Citizen Reporters" from Libya, Egypt, Italy and Lebanon will present local activities and initiatives that convey hope, solidarity and visions of an active, diverse and agile international civil society. The "Long Night of Ideas 2021" is also the launch of the publication of a large number of civil society initiatives on the website.

This "best-of-show" of civil society initiatives in the Euro-Mediterranean region reflects how new creative forms of intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and social participation are initiated and shaped at the grassroots and local level – despite partially closed physical borders and limited opportunities for movement and encounter on the ground.


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Activities of the German member organization Baraza from January to May 2022


In April 2022, we were extremely pleased to have worked with the Adyan Foundation who kindly distributed our ‘Colouring Book for Kids – World Religions’ to 4 partner schools across Lebanon - one of the most multi faith countries in the world. Thanks to the wonderful children and teachers at Besancon Beirut, SSCC Baalbek, Besancon Baabda and Besancon Baabdat. We look forward to our continued partnership.

We were pleased to note that students at our UNITY programme partner - Sabel School, organised a collection to generate funds to tackle racism and hate as part of the International Week Against Racism.

In February 2022, to mark UN World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW), we ran a series of webinars in partnership with URI Europe as part of WIHW. These are available to view on our website. Also as part of the week, our Secretary General—Riaz Ravat wrote an article which focused on the spirit of interfaith at Liverpool FC. He highlighted four of their key players and their impact not only upon UK society but also much further afield. Thanks to Empire of the Kop for publishing this account.

In January 2022, Baraza was proud to have contributed to a major international report ‘Youth Engagement with Religion & Faith in the 21st Century’ led by Religions for Peace.


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