Emerging Themes

Emerging Themes

Based on the preparation process to date with the Foundation Civil Society Networks and partners, emerging themes for MedForum2020 include:

  • THE FUTURE OF CIVIL SOCIETY & INTERCULTURAL TRENDS, from the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization to trends in civil society-led creative entrepreneurship.
  • CLIMATE RESILIENCE & INTERCULTURAL SMART CITIES, focused on good practice in bringing people together to increase the capacity of socio-economic and environmental systems to cope with the effects of climate change.
  • YOUTH ON THE MOVE & DIALOGUE FOR EMPLOYABILITY, bringing into focus the nexus between intercultural learning, mobility and skills for employability.

These themes are aligned with the priorities of the Croatian Presidency of the European Council which center on Youth Employability; Digitalisation; Climate Change; and Enlargement. Transversal themes on YOUTH and WOMEN are anticipated, along with a theme of the New Geography of Euro-Mediterranean region connected to the EU Summit on Enlargement and the 25th Anniversary of the Barcelona Process.