ALF new programming and main actions 2022-2025

new programming ALF 2022-2025

Following the ALF Statutory bodies' meetings that took place between 1 and 4 March in Egypt and online and aligned with the strategic orientations shared and discussed with its Board of Governors, Heads of Network and Advisory Council members, the Foundation, in the framework of its new programming period 2022 - 2025, is working towards promoting transversal gender, youth mainstreaming as well as streamlining and embedding a genuine cross-cutting networking approach in the ALF programming.

The Multi-annual Work Programme  2022-2025, with a global budget of nine millions of euro, is based on three particular approaches:

  1. Intercultural Dialogue Useful for Society and for Institutions, dealing with concrete aspects of the daily base life of the EuroMed citizens to reinforce the cohesion among our societies and among our respective countries.
  2. Complementarity of National and Regional Approaches between the traditional Euro-Med approach at the regional level and tailor-made national adaptations to the context and reality of each country.
  3. Action Consistency: create synergies and complementarities with the action of the Networks at national level and to reinforce their work and visibility at Euro-Med level.

A series of specific actions will be developed in the next phase as follows:

  • Networks Engagement Scheme to support actions at national level to empower ALF Networks with a customised approach to factor in the specific realities in the field.
  • Mobility to promote collaborative initiatives among intercultural actors to revitalise the ALF Network by supporting cooperative actions involving diverse types of know-how and profiles.
  • Enhancement Capacities with peer-to-peer approach conducted by and for intercultural EuroMed actors, through peer-to-peer hands-on approach with reduced groups to promote interaction.
  • Heads of National Networks exchanges: Face-to-face and online HoN meetings to create a dynamic of steady mobilisation of the National Networks.
  • EuroMed Internship: Remunerated annual internships targeting talented graduates from the 42 Countries of the Euro-Med region.
  • Website, Social Media, Audiovisual and Resource Center: Renewal and permanent updated of the Website and Resource Centre, activation of social media accounts and consolidation of the Monthly Newsletter.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and follow up missions related to main actions to secure robust, permanent follow-up and well-oiled mechanisms of monitoring and evaluation during the whole cycle of the project.
  • Cultural initiatives and Intercultural action to promote cultural and creative content based on the shared and divers Euro-Med cultural heritage to promote inclusion and social cohesion.
  • Regional Programmes to complement at the Euro-Mediterranean scale the ALF action with the Civil Society and in regards to Public Policies in specific fields.
  • Engaging institutions to enhance Intercultural Public Policies to elaborate a topography on public policies and related aspects to organise multi-stakeholders exchanges.
  • Institutional meetings: organisation of at least two ordinary Board of Governors meetings and at least one Advisory Council meeting a year.


Heads of Network coordinators meeting 2-4 March photo album