Our Purpose

Our purpose

We’re currently living a historical era in which mistrust and polarisation between societies are rising.

In this context the Anna Lindh Foundation firmly believes that:

1. We need alternative narratives to fight extremist discourses and radicalisations

That’s why we empower young voices by providing platforms for young people to build together more open, inclusive and resilient communities.

2. We need more inclusive and empathetic societies to fight the lack of trust and intolerance

To do so, we introduce impactful research on international policymaking. We provide a unique understanding of conflict dynamics through research and opinion-leadership.

3. We need to build a culture based on dialogue and exchange

By leading a movement. Our network aims to bring together and inspire other civil societies and multiplying our impact in that way.

Narratives, inclusiveness, empathy, and exchange. In other words, this could be summed up in the notion that we firmly believe in the power of dialogue, because it increases our tolerance, makes us freer, enlarges our perspectives, defines our individuality, speeds up our progress, makes our democracies real and gives hope and courage to oppressed people around the world.