Young Mediterranean Voices

People participating at Young Med Voices debate

Young Mediterranean Voices (YMV) is the flagship debate programme connecting civil society, education and policy-makers across the South Mediterranean and Europe. The programme provides opportunities to open doors for young influencers to shape policy and media narratives.

Building on more than five years investment in the field, as well as established networks, pioneering methodologies and independent research, the overall objective of Young Mediterranean Voices programme is to empower young people to enhance a culture of dialogue, to contribute to public policy and shape media dis-courses, and to create a shared understanding with peers across the Mediterranean on how to address issues of common concern to their communities.

This programme brings the experience of the widely acclaimed programme “Young Arab Voices” (YAV) – launched in Alexandria in 2011 by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the British Council - to other parts of the Euro-Mediterranean region. Coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation, Young Mediterranean Voices is funded by the European Commission.

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