Corporate Plan

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The following programme is the result of an intensive and comprehensive participatory work involving the main institutional bodies of the ALF: Board of Governors (BoG), Heads of National Networks (HoNs), and Advisory Council (AC).

The programme is based on the “Main Principles to Action” document that has been discussed at the level of the BoG (with the participation of DG NEAR and EEAS representatives) during the meetings held on the 15/10/21 in Brussels and 30/11/21 in Barcelona, and also widely debated during the HoNs meetings that took place in 07-09/12/221 in Brussels to enrich the strategic orientations, and later on in 02-04/03/22 in Alexandria, to elaborate operational aspects. Those principles have also been the object of a productive exchange with the renewed AC in the meetings organised on 17/02/22 virtually and on 02/03/22 in Alexandria. The programme is meant to ensure ownership and adherence and to guarantee ALF performance.

The programme is organised in six Working Packages and ten groups of activities. The first WP is very much focused on the National Networks. The second WP complements the first, providing regional dimension on two specific priorities: Mobility and Enhancing capacities. The third WP promotes the collaborative work between civil society organisations and the academic community and local administrations. The fourth WP is mainly devoted to policy makers and practitioners. The fifth (Communication) and the sixth (Quality Control) are transversal for all the Working Packages. These are:

WP.1: Civil society network engagement

  • A.1.1 Heads of National Networks coordination and invigorating exchanges
  • A.1.2 Networks Engagement Scheme (intercultural actions at national and regional level)

WP.2: Mobility and training

  • A.2.1 Mobility to promote collaborative initiatives among intercultural actors
  • A.2.2 Enhancement Capacities with peer-to-peer approach

WP.3: Academia and local authorities’ synergies

  • A.3.1 Intercultural dialogue knowledge for action
  • A.3.2 Mediterranean Capital for dialogue
  • A.3.3- Cultural initiatives and Intercultural activities related to the Mediterranean Day

WP.4: Governments and EU institutions synergies

  • A.4.1 Engaging institutions to enhance Intercultural Public Policies

WP.5: Visibility and dissemination

  • A.5.1 Website, Social Media, Audio-visual and Resource Centre

WP.6: Quality control, monitoring and evaluation

  • A.6.1 Monitoring, evaluation and follow up missions related to main work packages

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