Mediterranean Civil Society Forum

Dance performance at Med Forum 2016

The flagship event of the Foundation, MED FORUM, represents the largest civil society gathering and the most influential process of its kind for intercultural dialogue across the Mediterranean region. The Forum connects a unique regional network of practitioners, policy-makers, media and international donors, united to create together real and lasting change in the face of the region’s most pressing problems.

The particularity of the next edition of the FORUM will be the strengthened links between the Forum and the Intercultural Trends Report as well as the capitalisation of its outcomes. The FORUM is a farreaching participatory process comprised of three sets of activities: preparatory meetings; the Form itself; and the capitalisation of outcomes. As per the previous Forum, the next edition will continue to be based on the approach of “thinking, sharing and building together”, which can provide a space to share analysis, points of view, experiences and practices, connecting policy frameworks with grassroots levels of action and interest, and providing input and recommendations for the Euro-Med Agenda and for the Foundation’s programming.