The Anna Lindh Intercultural Trends Survey 2020

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On 2 December 2020, the Anna Lindh Foundation coordinated the international launch of the Intercultural Trends Survey 2020, in the framework of the German Presidency of the European Union. 

The Survey is the scientific tool to gather the voices of thousands of people from Europe and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean on their mutual perceptions, attitudes, fears, and aspirations. The fourth wave of the Intercultural trends Survey was undertaken by Ipsos-MORI in 2020 in eight European countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Romania and Sweden) and five countries bordering the Southern and Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea (Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania and Morocco).

Launch event

You can download on this page the analytical report with an overview on the Survey data by Ipsos-Mori as well as country, region and socio-demographic data presentations.