Activism Festival

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Ein Iron, 37910

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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Human rights
  5. Youth and education
General Information
During the last few years, a positive process of awakening is taking place among a growing number of people who desire a change, in face of the complexity of our reality. Environmental, social and ethical issues are inter-twined with one another and raise many questions regarding our function as a society and as individuals in this reality, Most of which find it hard to express and fulfill this intention. Creating a space that allows and encourages personal empowerment, acquiring of knowledge, cooperation and action, Is an essential and necessary part in the ongoing process of making a difference. From these foundations arises the need for an open meeting place, which will allow a gathering and a shared learning; A space where different individuals and organizations can exchange views and ideas, plan joint work, extend their activity's limits and draw encouragement and strength from each other.
Mission and Objectives

"Activism festival" is the annual gathering for social change and sustainability in Israel and its vicinity.
The Festival is part of a long-term process that encourages responsibility by supporting entrepreneurship which have sustainable impact on the local society. The festival is the peak point of the year: The place where initiatives are shaped.
We do this by creating a platform in which grassroots organizations and independent activists meet, and new collaborations grow.
The festival is also open to the public. Every person can arrive, enjoy a massive cultural event, get inspired and become active in society.
• To strengthen the ties and interrelations among grassroots organizations and the general public
• To empower participating individuals, according to the freedom of infor-mation and media
• To encourage the development of initiatives which create and support a sustainable lifestyle and promote a sustainable society

Main Projects / Activities

1. Activism Festival: In 2011, the festival will put its emphasis on coexistence. The festival will be held in a region cohabitated by Muslim, Christian and Jewish villages in Israel. Along with the already-established activities, Local industries will be invited to take part in creating initiatives with the community; a dialogue tent will hold forums and debates about the possibility of long-term collaborations, and the economics and logistics frame of the festival will support local traders and farmers.
2. Sustainability: Educational demonstrations of sustainable facilities, and distributing equipment and facilities for a community of 100 organizations.
3. Rehabilitation: Active rehabilitation and greening of the area in which the festival resides.
3. Education: Working with youth groups on subjects of sustainability, leadership and community building skills; Activist seminars and organizational skills building workshops
4. Support: supporting and resource-allocating for the participating organizations throughout the year.

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Premshay Hermon
Head of the organisation
Nir Giron
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Nir Giron