Another Step Towards Democratic Participation Project

Another Step Towards Democratic Participation

Babylon Society Culture, Art and Documentary Filmmakers Association will carry out the project "Another Step Towards Democratic Participation" in partnership with the Local Development Association (Şanlıurfa), Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Centre, Batman Strategic Research Centre and Children of Nature Cherokee Ecological Life and English Village Club Association (Mersin).

The project aims to improve the democratic competencies of young people in different regions of Turkiye through trainings that will increase their knowledge and awareness, to ensure that young people integrate the understanding of participatory democracy into their daily lives through the Democratic Participation Workshop, and to promote democratic participation among young people in Turkiye through awareness activities. The Democratic Participation Workshop will be held in İstanbul between September 4-8, 2023 and four online trainings will be organised by the Lifelong Learning Centre of Boğaziçi University within the scope of the project:

Language for the trainings will be in English and Turkish.
—Development of Critical Thinking Skills
—Development of Active Citizenship and Democratic Competence
—Gender Equality and Its Contributions to Participatory Democracy
—Democratic Governance Education

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