Volunteering Law in Türkiye" Panel


Eskişehir, October 28, 2023 – An event that left its mark on the 2nd International Listening, Dialogue, Solidarity (3D) Youth Festival, held in Kanlıkavak Park in cooperation with Odunpazarı Municipality and Eskişehir European Union Association. The "Volunteering Law in Türkiye" panel organized by the Young Thought Institute attracted great attention from the participants.

Young Thought Institute Chairman Muratcan Işıldak and Board Member Miraç Gül attended the panel as speakers. Representatives of the Young Thought Institute emphasized the importance of the Volunteerism Law for Türkiye and the potential of young people in the field of volunteering. They also offered important perspectives on the impact of similar laws around the world and how important it is for societies, for young people to take a more active role in civil society. The panel aimed to raise awareness about volunteering, as well as to draw attention to the process of establishing the Volunteerism Law in Türkiye. With such organisations, the Young Thought Institute continues to support the key role that young people can play in finding solutions to social problems and supporting participatory democracy. While the panel encouraged young people to make positive contributions to society through volunteering, it was also an important step in raising awareness for the development of the Volunteerism Law. These positive contributions of the Young Thought Institute and the society's determination to build a better future were greatly appreciated by the participants at the festival. It was observed that the panel was an important factor in raising awareness on volunteerism and participatory democracy.