Global Youth and News Media Prize open application

Application open now

The Association Global Youth and News Media Prize presents its News/Media Literacy Award to honor front-line teachers and news media organizations in the quest to help students understand the "why" of press freedom.

Educators and news organizations will be honored by a special Press Freedom Teaching Award in the 2023 edition of the Global Youth & News Media Prize. The award will recognize excellence in making sure that students develop a thorough understanding of the crucial role of journalism in society and of the sometimes deadly risks for people who do this work.

Entries from educators and news media organizations (outlets and NGOs) will be assessed by a distinguished, international panel of judges that will include both experts in the topic and past laureates. Educators can teach primary or secondary students in any kind of setting. News media organizations include companies and nonprofits involving journalists in this work.

For more infomation on how to enter, visit their page!

The deadline is the 1st of may 2023