#KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine Project

Image of the project

Children shaken by Russia's invasion of Ukraine are turning to art to express their concerns as part of the #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine project organised by the French association Global Youth & News Media

The initiative was inspired by Kleine Kinderzeintung in Austria and News-O-Matic in the United States, the first children's news media to collect this type of art. To date, other media and partners in Argentina, Canada, India, Finland, France and the UK have joined the project. News-O-Matic covers the daily world news in Spanish and English and receives many photos each month via its special application. For a few weeks now, the newspaper has been asking its readers to send in creative works about Ukraine. By the beginning of April, nearly 1,000 children had participated, with one Austrian class going even further, designing more than 200 doves and raising around 400 euros by offering some of their work for donations after a service at a local Catholic church and donating the money to help Ukraine.

Editors and participants are also disseminating drawings through all social media with the common hashtag #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine.

To find out more about the project and how you can get involved in helping refugee children make their own artwork, visit this link.


Contact: info@youthandnewsmedia.net