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Oranim  College has been appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Oranim College is the largest and leading academic college of education in the North of Israel. Our goal is to train teachers to bring out the full potential of each student and to help them become more active and enthusiastic learners. We strive to prepare our graduates for an ever-changing, multi-cultural world, by teaching the values of living together, tolerance, and respecting diverse ideas and beliefs. Oranim is committed to academic excellence, community involvement, and the promotion of higher education. Oranim boasts a broad range of programs and degrees, as well as a diverse student body, with Jewish and Arab students of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Oranim College of Education

D. N. Tivon
Tivon 3600600

Historical Background of your Network

As part of its international activities to promote multi-cultural dialogue in a shared society, Oranim College currently heads the Israeli network of the Anna Lind Foundation. Oranim College is a multicultural educational community, where people from diverse backgrounds learn together and from one another.

Prior to 2019, the Israeli network for the Anna Lindh Foundation was overseen by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.Today, the Anna Lindh Foundation in Israel connects 225 organizations and institutions from dozens of cities and regions in the country.

Intercultural Dialogue in your country

Israel is an engaging country to explore discourse surrounding conflict analysis and conflict resolution, negotiation, decision making, leadership, and intercultural/inter-organizational communication. Since Israel’s inception in 1948, the country has been a leader in exploring and resolving these issues. Through dialogue and ongoing mutual relationships, Oranim College seeks to engage our network and to strengthen the connection between the diverse cultures in Israel and to enhance the links between Israel and the rest of the Jewish world, as well as the world at large.

Oranim  College brings scholars, educational practitioners, and students from around the world together in order to study, teach, and research in the spirit of Oranim’s values: educational innovation and leadership combined with academic excellence, sensitivity towards individual differences and cultural diversity, strengthening personal identity, and accepting collective responsibility.