CHALLENGE- An Organization for Conflict Transformation


Challenge is an Israeli NGO established in 2010 to promote Conflict Transformation within both the Israeli and Palestinian arenas. Conflict Transformation is an innovative approach that helps identify the different layers in the dynamic of a conflict and provides practical tools to reduce suffering through creativity, empathy, and non-violence.

Our Unique Approach: Challenge puts theory into action by tailoring it to this land's uniquely complex needs. We develop, teach, and implement a broad variety of conflict transformation tools to inspire a new paradigm where communities connect for constructive partnerships, systemic change, and maximum impact.

Among our activities:

Methodological Resources: We design and implement comprehensive workshops and training modules to empower individuals across diverse backgrounds with tangible conflict transformation skills. Our new workshops and courses include Beyond Persuasion, Conflict Analysis, International Cooperation, and "Where are we now and how to continue during the war?" The aim of this workshop is to provide support to peace activists facing a hard time during this sensitive situation.

Connecting Communities: We lead meaningful encounters and dialogues between Israelis and Palestinians and, within each social group, strive to build healthier inter-group relations. Our program, Path of Hope and Peace, is a grassroots initiative of Palestinians and Israelis dedicated to building coexistence through interdependent economics while fostering personal interaction and friendship between people and communities, mostly working in the Tzur Hadassah-Husan locality.


To learn more, please visit our website:


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