Greek Network

The Greek Network of the ALF was created in 2005 and currently counts for 128 institutions of civil society organisations and other relevant institutions, working in many different fields, from all parts of Greece.

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture is the Head of the Greek National Network and the United Societies of Balkans is the Co-head of the Network, which was appointed as such and endorsed by popular vote. In order to function more efficiently and better coordinate members at the local level, focal points, based on geographic location, were introduced.

Our vision is the inclusion of active organisations with a social impact on the local community, their empowerment and training to increase skills, a safe space for the exchange of practices and experiences, in addition to cooperation within the Νetwork and within the ALF community at large. Respect for the principles, values, and ideals of the Foundation governs the entire vision of the Greek Network.

In terms of its character and orientation, the Greek Network consists of a variety of organisations from varied fields, aspiring to be a representative sample of Greek civil society, but also in academia, although most are either small or medium-sized organisations, encouraging local self-governance and collective initiatives.

Hellenic Foundation for Culture

50, Stratigou Kallari – 15442, Palaio Psychico, Athens - Greece
111 45 Athens

+30 2106776540
United Societies of Balkans

Al. Delmouzou 8,
54635 Thessaloniki

0030 231 0 215 629
Historical Background of your Network

The Greek Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation was created in 2005 and is counting numerous institutions of civil society from all parts of Greece as members. These institutions cover a large scale of actions regarding culture, human rights, arts and the protection of vulnerable social groups.

The Greek Culture Foundation is the head and coordinator of the Greek National Network. Co-head of the Network is a non-profit organization, the United Societies of Balkans. Other members of the National Network include Greek cultural and social institutions. In furtherance of the objectives of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Greece, the heads coordinate the planning and the management of the basic structures and communication channels between members and non-members or the network Network.

They also represent and promote opinions, ideas and concerns to the administration of the Anna Lindh Foundation In the meetings they organize regularly, they also consider the expansion and development of the National Network.

The members of our network have developed many activities with institutions of other countries, members of the Network. The Greek Culture Foundation has organised several international activities of the foundation taking place in Greece. In order to function more efficiently, we have internally selected 3 focal points to cover the entire country. The responsibilities of these three are to better coordinate members at the local level, to organize and coordinate activities in their communities based on the local needs and to help with the dissemination of the Network in order to recruit more members.