Well-prepared volunteers -seminar

A goup of people

In the beginning of October 2-6.10.2023 in Villa Elba Finland, was organised a Professional Development Activity for youth workers with the funding of Erasmus+ programme.

Well-prepared volunteers-seminar gathered all together 27 participants from 16 different countries in order to developed how we can better support volunteers who are taking part in international volunteering activities. Seminar included a diverse group of participating countries (Romania, Turkiye, Egypt, Ukraine, Kosovo, Sweden, Croatia, France, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Jordan, Spain, Finland, Estonia & Greece)

During the seminar we discussed topics such as digital and online tools, intercultural learning and  supporting young people mental health. 

As a part of the seminar we also organised an event in the local library to get to know local actors in the field of volunteering and to promote ALF network.

Seminar gave opportunity to get to know several organisations working in the field of preparing volunteers and future partnerships were made.