Highway to Healty Youth! -youth exchange at the Youth Centre Villa Elba

Young people

Highway to Healty Youth! -youth exchange brought together young people to Villa Elba from Ireland, Croatia, Turkey, Italy and Finland from february 26th to march 3rd.


The theme of the youth exchange was healthy lifestyle and well-being of youth. The program included for example team building, workshops about health, games, yoga, visit to a natural history museum, ice fishing, swimming and of course sauna.


Young participants gained valuable insights and practical knowledge that will positively impact their lives. Here are some of the key lessons they took home from the experience:

  • The Importance of Balanced Nutrition
  • Physical Activity for Mental Health
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management
  • The Value of Peer Support
  • Cultural Exchange and Diversity
  • Connection to Nature
  • Self-Care Practices


At the heart of this exchange were the partner organizations whose dedication made it all possible:

  • System and Generation Association - S&G
  • Vedogiovane
  • Youth Work Ireland Galway
  • Impress / Youth Work Ireland Tipperary



This youth exchange is funded by Erasmus+


Youth Centre Villa Elba in Finland supports and guides youth groups to implement youth exchanges that are funded through the Erasmus + Youth in Action program. Youth participating in exchanges design and implement a meeting based on their own ideas.

Read more: https://villaelba.fi/language/en/youth-centre/international-activities/youth-exchange/