Sustainable Christmas volunteering team project by VEFI group

A group of people


Do you want to get to know more about how to celebrate the joyous, dark nights of winter, while at the same time you're reducing waste, making home-made Christmas presents and saving precious energy?

This is exactly what a team of young 12 volunteers are currently doing in the beautiful Finnish city of Kokkola. Their volunteer work will culminate in a self-organised Christmas gathering in a few days. Together with the people from around Kokkola they pre-celebrate Christmas in an environmentally friendly way. The project is currently taking place under the instruction and guidance of an expert and three social workers.

It covers the following topics on a theoretical and particularly practical level:

  • Environmental friendly (vegan) food
  • Waste reduction + self made presents
  • Energy consumption and alternative ways of energy production

Being able to learn and teach themselves and others about each topic is one of the main objectives of the project. Thus, the volunteers already had a session with a class of the local school to teach them about vegan cooking.

Like this, the volunteers can take matters into their own literal hands and start cooking and crafting, all whilst they are forming unique connections with the people you are working with! So, they broaden their knowledge on how to save this planet, while still enjoying life (and Christmas!).


This project is organized by VEFI group (The Vegan Environmentally Focused International Group). The project is done in collaboration with CUBIC.

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