Seminar on gender equality

gender equality seminar poster

30.03.2022 at 16:00-18:45, Zoom Webinar 

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With speakers from the Finnish ALF Network, this seminar activates the network members to work against genderist attitudes among their communities, and discusses methodologies for engaging the youth in gender equality. How different actors of society can help in challenging and undermining genderist attitudes? 

Civil society actors from 7 member organisations will shed light on the challenges they encounter and what kind of remedies they have found. 


Introduction (20 min) 

Introduction to the work on gender equality and youth by Mirsal Ry (Mirsal ry)

Panel discussion part 1 (60 min) 

What kind of challenges related to gender inequality arise in refugee support? (Pakolaisapu ry

How can a bigger civil society organization act as a role model for smaller multicultural organisation in promoting gender equality? (Moniheli ry

How is Islamic feminism visible in today’s societies and especially Western societies? How does it differ from other types of feminism? (University of Helsinki) 


Break (15 min) 

Panel discussion part 2 (60 min) 

What are the most common challenges for Muslim women in Western and Nordic societies like Finland? How has Amal ry attempted to tackle them? (Amal ry

How can inclusion of different generations of women help in combatting gender inequality and sexism? (Nicehearts ry

What are some of the most common challenges and obstacles in multicultural families and family relations when it comes down to gender equality and empowering or supporting women? Forms of support to help families with problems such as gender inequality or gender bias. (Familia ry


Main organizers

Mirsal ry

Finnish Anna Lindh network