Ramadan and Easter coincided in 2023: 1km long International Iftar table


Ramadan and Easter coincided in 2023 for the last time in 33 years. That is why Voem (a member of the Belgian Network) and numerous neighbourhood partners organised a giant Ramadan event on the Moorkensplein in Belgium on April 8th. Giant you may take literally: there was a search for 10,000 Easter eggs (including 1 golden egg), there was a mega-omelet baked in a 3m² pan, there was dinner at a 1km-long iftar table from De Roma to the Moorkensplein and the Giant Characters of Borgerhout provided animation. There was also a world market, an interfaith panel discussion and an "egg pose" with calligraphy on ostrich eggs. Everyone was welcome to come and taste different cuisines from Palestine, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Morocco and Somalia, and people could also bring their own food to share with each other.

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