MANIFEST Final event

Manifest final event

From September 19th to October 6th, Nantes will host the MANIFEST Exhibition, featuring 13 artworks by 22 artists. Focusing on the transatlantic trade of enslaved people, this event concludes the two-year Artistic Journey that involved five partner Countries and three international residencies. The aim is to protect this history from oblivion by employing new technologies such as virtual reality, podcasts, video, and sound and image art to offer visitors a comprehensive, immersive experience. By associating these forms of distribution with the history of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people, MANIFEST aims to make artistic creation and historical storytelling accessible to as many viewers as possible. The event will run from 19 September to 6 October in L’Atelier in Nantes and is completely free. Don’t miss this powerful and reflective experience!

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