The premiere of the play 'Déjà vu' ended the 14th Days of the "Vitez 2022" theater October 24, 2022

Premiere of the play 'Déjà vu'

The 14th Days of Theatre "Vitez 2022" ended with the premiere of the play "Déjà vu" of the City Youth Theatre Vitez.

The young members of GKM Vitez successfully played their new hit show in front of a packed hall, which received a great reaction from the audience.

"This is a wonderful generation of our young actors, in whose play, on theatre boards throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and surrounding countries, the audience will certainly enjoy a lot in the coming period. I am happy and proud, both because of the excellent premiere performance, and because of this year's theatre days, which were extremely high-quality and successful. Thank you to everyone who was part of our theatrical magic", said Ivan Sajević, head of GKM Vitez.

This time, the City Youth Theatre "Vitez" presented a teenage story set in a classroom during one school hour. Everything takes place during the strike of educators. It is the story of a high school class, their relationships, love woes and much more.

The play featured: Jelena Petrović, Ivana Stojak, Emin Šahdan, Katarina Petrović, Petra Pavlović, Marina Matijanić, Maria Nedić, Nikolina Kolak, Pavla Plavčić and Leo Lukić. The author of the text is Dukčin Dančika. Directed and adapted by Marko Mirković. The executive producer of the play is Ivan Sajević.

"It was wonderful to see a packed hall at the premiere of our new play. I would like to thank everyone in the theatre, our dear audience, and especially the ensemble of the play for a wonderful evening. We are looking forward to the new challenges and performances that await us", said the director of the play, Marko Mirković.

The theatre days were solemnly closed by Miralem Tursinović, the national coordinator of the ALF network of Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying that GKM Vitez is a prominent member of this network and that it is always a pleasure to watch great performances by young t actors from VItez , as well as full halls where they attract the audience with their performances.

This year's theatre days in Vitez offered the audience 12 theatre performances, and in addition to the host, GKM Vitez, theatre groups from Bjelovar, Sinj, Slavonski Brod, Hercegovac, Subotica, Šid, Obrenovac, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Travnik performed, among others. . The patrons of this year's, fourteenth in a row, Theatre Days in Vitez are the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth, Culture and Sports KSB.

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