Warm up 15. Bedem fest: Public Invitation for young bands from Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Warm up 15. Bedem fest: Public Invitation for young bands from Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The non-governmental organization Pro Futuro Nikšić, Montenegro, in cooperation with the Youth Resource Center (ORC) from Tuzla, is issuing a Public Call for young bands from Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the music program of the 15th Bedem Fest, which will be held from 22-24. August at the Fortress in Nikšić. The application deadline will last until June 1. In the specified period, young bands from Montenegro should send their applications to:


and young bands from Bosnia and Herzegovina to:


The application should contain the name of the band, a short biography, a profile on social networks, a video if there is one and/or at least one recording.

"At the end of the 20-day deadline for applications, on June 2, we will publish the final list of applied bands. After that, we will use a special platform to let followers of social networks, followers of Bedem Fest, the Youth Resource Center and the Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina choose to allow one band from Montenegro and one band from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have the most votes to participate in the 15th. Bedem fest. We provided travel expenses, accommodation and fees for the bands".

"Serving as a good example, Bedem fest wants to encourage and encourage other festivals in the region to create a bigger space for providing the opportunity for young unestablished bands to participate in the music program and accompanying contents of the festival, in order to promote their author's work in front of a wide audience, gain important experiences, met with their peers, used media publicity. We connect young people from Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bedem Fest, culture and cultural life with personal and social identity. The participation of young bands at the Bedem Fest will be an important experience for them, enabling them, along with the concert, to get to know other societies and social groups and to foster interculturality, understanding, appreciation and nurturing diversity together through cultural activities. The acquired reference will mean a lot in the development of further careers of young bands, points out Petar Šundić, project manager.

"The project "We can do it together" was financed at the first call of the Youth Cultural Fund of the Western Balkans, which is implemented by the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation (RYCO), with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project aims to support the activism of young people and those who deal with young people in the field of culture and offer creative solutions for social and political issues in the Western Balkans, contributing to regional cooperation, intercultural dialogue, peace building and reconciliation. The project will contribute to the improvement of regional cooperation of cultural workers and enable innovative ways of implementing various cultural and artistic activities that would have a regional component and contribute to intercultural learning and dialogue, peace building and reconciliation".