"How can just, trans-local networks be cultivated sustainably in an era of hypernationalist rhetoric and urgent energy transition? And in terms of a just energy transition, how could the increasing dependence on digital infrastructure for promoting artists and exhibiting art align with the sector's significant carbon footprint? How does increasing online circulation of art and the globalisation of culture impact precarious cultural producers and marginalised sites of artistic production? These questions, along with the answers received from the survey will become the building blocks for “Gathering spells”.

“Gathering spells” is the title of the second online educational program that will be built based on the survey completed by two hundred cultural and contemporary arts organisations, developed in collaboration with sociologist Bernardo Armanni. The survey departs from the multifaceted difficulties and responsibilities cultural organisations face across Europe and the transMediterranean today. "Gathering spells" is building a participatory educational platform for fifty cultural agents who wish to contribute to local socio-ecological transformation and trans-local solidarity through their organisations.

Cultural operators, art workers, institutional and independent professionals who are interested in, or with experience in the programs’ themes are encouraged to apply.


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