Creativity Toolbox

creativity toolbox

Cromo Foundation, from the ALF Hungarian Network has created a very useful toolbox as they learned from the Covid pandemic how to operate as active community members during a crisis in restricted times. It is open to be downloaded in 5 languages and it servs to share good practices.

This is how they planned the project:

The COVID situation brought unexpected and new challenges for local communities in almost every field of their lives. We chose local cultural activities as subject of our project: because of lockdown and keeping distance policy cultural activities needed to be rethought. Our project focuses on these changes and all the novelties it brought in local communities, which will definitely shape the cultural life after the pandemic as well.

We aim to build resilient communities,by building the capacity of local residents to become active culture-shaping stakeholders and community organizers locally. During the project we gather and share the learnings from COVID in order to connect social groups, encourage micro-community contact programs, actively involve residents, provide community spaces.

We want to equip local community organisers and stakeholders with the knowledge and toolkit to organise local communities’ events, activities in challenging times: that will have an effect on the mental health of the community, also will contribute to the community cohesion. Our project focuses on community organisers from the field of culture, but knowledge can be used in other fields as well.

Learn more about the project and download the toolkit here: