Community Building Through Art

"Nyári Berek" by MEDIAWAVE

Community building through art

Hungarian network member MEDIAWAVE Film & Music Festival had their summer camp for art, architecture and environment, in Somogyfajsz, Hungary.

This camp of MEDIAWAVE took place in collaboration with Simorág DanCircus and serves as a great example of community building where art prevails and creativity can be freely encouraged and practiced. 

The camp was a great success, showcasing many community building activities like juggling plums, improvised cooking activities resulting in a delicious zucchini stew. The camp also served as a moment for muscial collaborations invoking the accordionist Bertolucci and a taste of the album recorded by Kaptza band during their US fellowship.

The participants could learn more about different kinds of arts from the invited artists in workshops and enjoy the nights long live music.

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