The Beit Project: the anchor is raised in Marseille to reach Tangier

The boat project

The Boat Project is the main project of the association The Beit Project. The aim is to make the Mediterranean a place of sharing and transmission. In order to make it a place of exchange and living together, the project boat travels between the two shores of the Mediterranean and offers a real enriching experience on board. The boat's crew, the "Compagnons de la Méditerranée", is made up of 8 young people specially recruited from around the Mediterranean.
Local inhabitants, young people and adults, from the five port cities on the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean - Marseille, Tangiers, Barcelona, Tunis and Bastia - will benefit from workshops and educational exchanges. Local schools and associations in each city are an integral part of the project.

The crew officially started its maritime crossing. The boat set sail on Thursday 12 January 2023: it left the city of Marseille for Tangiers. There, a stopover will allow it to continue to transmit its message: the importance of living together.

After spending several weeks in Marseille, training to hold educational workshops, the Compagnons de la Méditerranée set sail for their first crossing. "I am very happy to announce this departure, which we have been waiting for months. Even if the adventure has already started with the workshops in Marseille, this is another stage that has started and it is very motivating. I wish the whole crew good luck", says David Stoleru, founder of The Boat Project with Matanel.

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