The 48th Mostar Theater Festival begins


The 48th Mostar Theater Festival begins

Tomorrow, August 25th, the 48th Mostar Theater Festival - Festival of Author's Poetics, which will last until August 31st, will begin under the motto "Conquest of Freedom" in Mostar.

At the festival, 8 performances from Zagreb, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Kakanj, Bugojno and Mostar will be performed, and in addition to the performances, there will also be a ceremonial awarding of the award for artistic courage named after eMTeeM's actress Amra Prutina, who died early, and the award "Light Mostar", which is essentially an award for life's work.

The festival program will be followed by an expert jury that will award 5 equal "Mravac" awards, and an award for dramaturgy named after the long-time dramaturg-collaborator of eMTeeM Ljubica Ostojić, and from this year also an audience jury that will award an award for the acting performance of the evening every evening. and at the end of the Festival, declare the best performance as chosen by the audience.

"This year's festival is being held under pressure due to the possibility of losing the stage, because the deadline for paying the remaining rent obligations is the last day of the festival," said the Mostar Youth Theater.