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+372 6367185
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. International/Cultural relations
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  4. Youth and education
General Information
Trajectory@ is an organisation which gathers youth leaders, trainers and educators working with and for youth. In the core there are 5 leaders with one employed staff, Secretary General. Our activities are educational trainings for active young people: in 2006 we organized and run Training Course “Celbrate Cultural Diversity. Be inclusive!”, Training Course “Dive`in Diversity”, Round Table for youth from minorities from Baltic States and Russia, The Course “EmPower Station”. Our partners are other youth organisations in Estonia, mainly Tallinn, and many organisations abroad: in Europe, Meda and Latin America. Find more information in our web-site.
Mission and Objectives

TRAJECTORY@ is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organisation.
- To promote Human Rights Education and Intercultural dialogue as a pre-requisite for the development of a "culture of peace" and as a contribution to democratic stability;
- To provide youth organisations and youth leaders with knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to further strengthen their role in the building of civil society;
- To empower youth organisations, in particular those working with the most vulnerable groups to develop projects, strategies and activities to address racism, xenophobia, discrimination and gender-based forms of violence affecting them and their community;
- To promote and support life-long learning and non-formal education as useful tools to achieve these goals;
- To provide consultancy to NGOs and educational institutions working with young people and to support the development of value based projects.

Main Projects / Activities

In 2007 we have some training activities planned in Estonia:
February 2007: Training Course for Multipliers combating Homophobia “How do we handle Diversity?” (European coop.);
May 2007: “Getting Global” Training Course, developing sustainable strategies on Global Education (LA Cooperation);
June 2007: “Does Gender Matter?” Training Course on Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue around Gender (Euro-Mediterranean cooperation);
July 2007: The Role of Educators promoting Children Rights Education (European cooperation).
And other activities in which we are involved as partners and send our trainers to.

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Ljubov Lissina
Head of the organisation
Ljubov Lissina
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Xavier Ignasi Baro Urbea