Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs (PCS)

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AlBareeq Building-5th floor, Haifa street, Jenin, West Bank, Palestine
Palestinian Territories

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TelFax: 00972 4 2501989
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information

• Date of Creation: 2005.
PCS serves as a representative platform of 60 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that are working across the West Bank and Gaza. This has helped PCS remain grassroots oriented, as well as reach out to remote and marginalized communities serving a wide range of societal segments, including those most marginalized. Moreover, this wide grassroots network has paved the way for PCS to be a leading organization working on bottom-up advocacy that informs responsive policies at the heart of citizen needs and priorities.
• Main Geographic interventions: PCS has intervention in the West Bank (from 2005), Gaza(from 2010), Jerusalem and 48 areas (from 2014) it works with the Palestinians everywhere in Palestine. Mainly PCS looks for the most marginalize people and targeted them, such as area C, Jordan valley and people with disabilities (PWD). Through three offices at Jenin (head quarter), Ramallah and Gaza, and a network of more than 60 CBOs PCS reached their beneficiaries effectively.
PCS has two incubators that shape the dynamic part of its work, IDEA for small businesses company (non-for Profit Company) and NGO incubator for Civil Society Organizations (Local NGOs and CBOs from different field of work background, like women, youth, PWD, education, culture, etc).

Mission and Objectives

• Mission: PCS is an umbrella for the NGOs and CBOs in West Bank and Gaza seeking to improve their capacities, increase their coordination, and call for their joint interests.
• Vision: Towards effective and entrepreneurial Palestinian NGOs and CBOs that lead their communities, uphold their values, develop their capacities, and mobilize their resources towards sustainable development.
• Main objective/ s:
- Contribute to strengthening the position and roles of local institutions in achieving sustainable development.
- Contribute to the promotion of the human rights system and Sustainable Development Goals SDGs 2030.
- Contribute to promoting entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.
- Enhance PCS's governance and institutional structure in order to achieve its goals.
The program of PCS are:
1. Social Inclusion.
2. Community accountability.
3. Human Rights and Democracy.
4. Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.
5. Capacity Building Program and Incubator for Civil Society Institutions.

Main Projects / Activities

PCS Membership in National and International Networks:
International: PCS had consultative status in the social and economic council in the UN, a member of the Youth Business international network,GNDR Global Network for Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction,ANNA LINDA Foundation" network for cultural dialogue at the national and international level,ANSA Network,- International Network for Social Accountability, Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA), UBI GlobalMember of Arab State league – Cairo,- Member of Network of Democrats in the Arab World (NDAW)– the UK,- CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation, which is considered among the most important international networks working on advancing social accountability in SDGs,Member in the board of directors of the Arab Campaign for Education for All which is working on activating social accountability on SDG4 and a member of the Palestinian Education Coalition Secretariat, TAP NETWORK "Transparency, Accountability, and Participation for 2030.
Local-level:- Education Cluster under Emergency/ OCHA, The Secretariat of Palestinian Education Coalition, The Secretariat of Arab Campaign for Education. Protection Cluster,Member of the consulting commission for a national inquiry on the rights of persons with disability to livelihood,Member of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee,Member of Palestinian National Institutes for NGOs (PNIN).
- Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions.
- Member of the Coordination Council for Palestinian NGOs (CCP-NGOs).
- Member of the National Committee for Social Accountability.
- Member of the “Partners to Review” international network sponsored by GIZ which is working on social accountability on SDGs.
- Member at “The Network of Organizations Providing Services to Green Entrepreneurs in Palestine.”

Additional Information
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Ahmad Hijawi
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Executive manager
Head of the organisation
Ahmad Hijawi
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Amneh O. I. Qtuit
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Financial and procurement officer