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+46 704 233 565
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Youth and education
General Information

Centre for Capacity Building & Empowerment is youth led civil society organisation, which connects active adventurous people together. The organisation mainly works with young people specially coming from marginalised background. It also work closely with youth workers, trainers, teachers and organisations active in non-formal education field and life-long learning.

Our staff and members have participated and organised different youth exchanges, workshops, seminars and mobility of youth workers, training courses concerning equality, media & journalism, innovation, fight against racism & xenophobia, human rights, mobility and migration & refugee issues, environment protection and other issues.

Our main sources of funding include MUCF, Erasmus+, NBV Studieförbundet, ABF Malmö etc.

Modialities of action includes Concrete projects, Seminars, Conferences, Exchanges, Study circles, intercultural gatherings & workshops etc.

We have partner NGOs all over Europe and extending ties with organizations outside of Europe also.


Our partners in Sweden

- Malmö Ideella Paraply organisationen: working together on making EuroDesk in Malmö

NBV Malmö: Supporting our study circles creating and funding

- Kompetence Centrum Malmö: working together on organizational capacity building           

- Somali Paraply organisationen: exchanging ideas and organizing activities     

- Minhaj wellfare society Sweden: Intercultural activities,

- MUCF: funding body and providing organizational support

- Malmö Kummun: backing up executing projects

- IKF föreningen: share ideas and provide participants for activities


Mission and Objectives


To inspire non-formal learning, capacity building and empowering our communities.


- To inspire non-formal learning, capacity building and empowering our communities.

- To encourage the spirit of Youth, Youth workers, community workers & leaders to support capacity building & empowerment in society;

- To raise awareness about the importance of intercultural learning;

- To promote inter-cultural and diversity as an asset rather than a threat in nowadays societies;

- To promote EU and worldwide values for a better interaction and cohabitation between groups of different backgrounds especially youth;

- To enlighten the importance tolerance for a better and harmonious co-existence;

- To foster social cohesion through promotion of common values;

- To create opportunities and encourage active citizenship.

Main Projects / Activities

Centre for Capacity Building and Empowerment was established in 2014 and since then we have constantly been active in civil society covering many fields. Most of our projects and activities have been under the frame of Erasmus though the topics have been wide and diverse. 

The main fields of work that we have been focused on are: Youth Empowerment, Refugees & Migration, Climate change, Media impact & Journalism, Human Rights, Combating xenophobia and hate speech, Supporting integration of vulnerable groups such as people with fewer opportunities, immigrants and disabilities.

Some of the projects we have implemented as applicant organization as well as partner organization are as below:

Projects where CCBE is applicant organization, approved by Swedish National Agency:

- Youth Empowerment through Active Citizenship (2019)

- Empowerment of Refugees through Journalism (2018)

- Leadership Development in Minorities (2017)

- Empathy as a tool of Social Development (2017)

- Unemployment among refugees and Immigrants (2017)

- EUrope for Global Citizens (2016) Student  Journalism and Entrepreneurship (2015)

- Theatre as a tool for Social Development (2014)

Projects where CCBE was involved as partner:

- Feminism the new F-word(2018, Polish National Agency)

- Face Unemployment Now(2018, Greek National Agency) PromotE U&Me(2018 Latvian National Agency)

- START Project(2017, German National Agency)

- On the ship to Leadership(2017, Polish National Agency)

- Fight for Your Future(2016, Turkish National Agency)

- Teaching methods in Intercultural mixed areas(2016, National Agency of Czech Republic)

- Young Entrepreneurship through Solidarity and Social Economy in a Non-Formal Training with Intercultural Approaches Learning-E.S.S.E.N.T.I.A.L(2016, Greek National Agency)   


Additional Information
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Asif Khan
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Asif Khan