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General Information

BAAC is a non-profit association incorporated in 2022. The directors are Fabien Marie & Olivier Renson. The advisory committee is made up of 11 influential people (see brochure). Our annual budget is approximately EUR 100,000. Our sources of funding Sources of funding: subsidies, sponsorship, donations, recipes. Our methods of action are : Publishing, Research Centre, Documentations & Archives, Cultural Meditation, Young Ambassadors, Residencies, Events, Mentoring & Masterclasses. Our main partners are : InExca, SNCB, TETRA AFRICA, COCOF Commission Communautaire française, Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Minisistère de la Culture de la République Togolaise, Prométhéa, AAC55, Africa Film Festival, Claes Gallery, Inside_Out Gallery, LAB.AN, MUS Africa, Palais de Lomé, ASAKAN, ON ART, LE NOUVEAU REPORTER.

Mission and Objectives

Our aim is to explore the creative cross-fertilisation resulting from deep and complex interactions between individuals, cultures and values, in order to bring to the fore unique and hitherto unseen visual and visual works. The Brussels African Art Center is a protean contemporary art centre open to Africa and its influences. Various artistic projects and cultural programmes will be devised and offered to the public. Afro-descendant, Belgian, European and non-African artists who approach and question Africa through their artistic approach will also be invited and integrated into the Centre's programming.

In BAAC's view, the creation of an art center today (both its vision and its missions) must be approached in the light of societal and socio-cultural changes, as well as current economic and political mutations, all of which are synergistically upending the world of contemporary creation and the universe that surrounds it, modes of consumption and cultural usage. The art world is entering a new era, which represents a unique opportunity to re-imagine the territories of art. With this paradigm shift in mind, we have decided to revisit the concept of the art centre to create a resolutely new, agile structure of artistic representation, interconnected with globalised Africa and the rest of the world. A structure in tune with the needs of the pan-African creative scene, market players and audiences of all generations.

B.A.A.C's missions are focused and coherent. They revolve around the current and future needs of artists, audiences and market players; three inseparable and permanent components of contemporary artistic creation :

1) Propulsor of Artists & Creators
To transform the pan-African artistic fabric by developing a tailor-made support service for established artists and young creators.
This offer will enable them to benefit from high-quality advice, training, mentoring, networking, operational support, promotion and dissemination, enabling them to make a lasting impact on the global artistic landscape. This offer will enable them to benefit from high-quality advice, training, mentoring, networking, operational support, promotion and dissemination, enabling them to make a lasting impact on the global artistic landscape.

2) Cultural Mediation & Archiving
To encourage dialogue between artists, their works and audiences by setting up specific cultural mediation programmes aimed at raising awareness and forging knowledge of Pan-African contemporary creation on a large scale. This work will be made possible thanks to (1) the conservation of documentary resources relating to B.A.A.C's exhibitions and artistic projects, including archival sources, and (2) free access for all.

3) Facilitator
To create bridges between artists - creators, curators, gallery owners, collectors, buyers and all other players from the private and public sectors. To open up the art market and become a genuine interface of facilitation and trust for all parties.

Main Projects / Activities

We have 8 departments: Publishing, Research Centre, Documentation & Archives, Cultural Meditation, Young Ambassadors, Residencies, Events, Mentoring & Masterclasses (see brochure for details).
These are our next projects:
- Unveiling, B.A.A.C's inaugural evening and publication of Gopal Dagnogo's book.
- Capture(s)" by Derrick Ofosu Boateng (2023), Viewing Room #02
- Faces & Tales" by Nù Barreto, Solo show & programme
- Mwézé', Tribute to film-maker Dieudonné Mwézé Ngangura
- Une recherche sans fin" by Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo (2024), Viewing Room #03
- Restore" by Jean-Pierre Muller & Aimé Mpané, Biennale de Dakar't 2024
- Africa +" Xpo - Sale in aid of Unitlife, sponsored by Philippe Douste Blazy, Cannes May 2024
- Confrontations", Sadikou Oukpedjo, Nù Barreto, Monica Musoni & Luc Vleugels, Venice 2024
- Lita Cerqueira, Solo show in collaboration with Ricardo Fernandes, guest curator
- Résidence 0 + guests , Restitution, presentation, meetings, talks, debates and screenings
- African Elections" by Abel Brutus, Viewing Room #04
- "Design + Africa" Kossi Aguessy, Kool Koor, Ola-dele Kuku & Hicham Lahlou
- "Multitudes", Panorama of contemporary African creation, guest curator: Catherine Goffeau

The most important projects are our presence at the two biennials in Venice and Dakar.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can serve as active supporters of the ALF's activities, promoting them among our network and beyond.
Our willingness to initiate and lead collaborative projects will add value to the ALF Network in Belgium, fostering intercultural dialogue through joint efforts. Acting as a bridge between Belgian cultural organizations and partners from the Mediterranean, we aim to facilitate cross-cultural exchanges and connections, strengthening the network's regional reach. With an extensive network of partners, professional artists, scientists, and talents, we can provide valuable resources and expertise to contribute to the success of the network's initiatives. In addition to ideas and connections, we offer tangible support by providing logistical assistance, including space, materials, curation, documentation, and archives for the efficient execution of ALF Network activities.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are genuinely aligned with the values and mission of the ALF, making it a natural fit for our organization's goals and principles.
Our strong interest in collaborative opportunities with like-minded organizations is driven by the belief that working together can achieve more significant and lasting impacts. We are confident that our dynamic approach, ongoing projects, and unwavering passion for intercultural dialogue will be a valuable addition to the ALF, aligning seamlessly with its mission and objectives. We are interested in ALF programmes and grants, particularly those related to artists' mobility and youth engagement, which will enable us to expand our intercultural dialogue initiatives. As a young organization, our membership in the ALF Network represents a scalable approach for growth and underscores our long-term commitment to intercultural dialogue through art. One of our exciting new initiatives, the Young Ambassadors Programme, is designed to flourish during our mandate within the ALF, making this a strategic partnership for its development and impact.

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Sandra Agbessi
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Head of the organisation
Sandra Agbessi
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Léa Hetz
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