CCJM (centre de la culture judéo-marocaine)

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127 rue Franz Merjay
1050 Brussels

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General Information
The CCJM, located Brussels, has been created in 2006. The CCJM is the result of a work of twenty years collecting an exceptional historical heritage, from the point of view of a reflection constantly deepened and renewed over experiences lived by its founder Paul Dahan, psychoanalyst. The CCJM is an non-profit organization composed of a museum (located now in the Jewish Museum of Belgium, a library and a photo library. The Center organizes activities among professionals and other people interested in intercultural dialogue. The members of the board of directors are Paul Dahan (president) and Christophe Sokal (administrateur) and his children Maxime Dahan, Clara Dahan, Alicia Dahan (administrateur). The seat of the association is 127 rue Franz Merjay 1150, Brussels, Belgium.
Mission and Objectives

The Center has been organizing exhibitions and other events, in Belgium and all over Europe, focusing on the historical and cultural experience of the Jews of Morocco, which has been forged during two thousand of years in a particular context of multiculturalism.
We also participated to exhibitions in recent years all over the world (in Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris, Limoges, Rabat, Lisbon, ...) as well as to studies and conferences on the culture of Jews in Morocco and Jewish-Muslim relations addressed to a wide audience, including schools and universities. The impact of these events, among people and in the media in Belgium, Morocco, France and the Netherlands, encourage us to intensify such activities, whether in cooperation with other institutions or autonomously. For this work of awareness, illustration and interpretation, the Center has a museum, a library and a photo library. An Internet site makes it possible to visualize the collection of objects, bibliographical information and archival documents.

Main Projects / Activities

The CCJM is currently preparing at the Jewish Museum in Brussels an exhibition for minimum 2 years on the topic of "Plural Identities, the example of cohabitation of Jewish and Muslim communities in Morocco". The project is arising at a time when the question of identities in a country is strongly influenced by its multicultural components. The exhibition which will take place from May 2019 will expose the steps of life in the two large communities living in Morocco (birth, integration / ritual passage, wedding and death). The objective is to give answers to questions from the young generation especially, by creating relationship to their roots, culture, and citizenship. This project is part of a continuation of actions already undertaken by the CCJM. Our activities now extend in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Brussels, which our Center has integrated as a permanent partner. Our Hirsch-Dahan collections will be used to continue our cultural and educational mission.

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Paul Dahan
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President of CCJM
Head of the organisation
Paul Dahan
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Christophe Sokal
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Administrator of CCJM