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Rr. Lidhja e Prizrenit, ap 7, shk3

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Gender
General Information

Our Mission A Woman in Power Organisation mission consists on empowering, improving and influencing the social and economic situation of women and youth in order to ensure sustainable and good function of general democratic rights. Our Vision Sustainable Environment, Economic, Political and Social development of both target groups of women and youth engagement in civil society through capacity building process.

Mission and Objectives

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES -WOMEN & YOUTH ENGAGEMENT Improving woman and youth approach in any sector, especially Business Area. -LOBBYING & ADVOCACY Supporting women and youth in a particular area, such as human rights, democracy, social inclusion etc. -BUILDING CAPACITIES Providing Assistance for developing new generation of youngsters through capacity building process. Providing support to Women and youth by raising their engagement and participation in society. Develop advocacy knowledge and skills among women and youth as a base for greater impact and strengthen communication.

Main Projects / Activities

1. Albanian Communication Forum The FORUM has as its prime aim the identification and demonstration of successful communication strategies between three Important Influencers: Young people, Professionals, Brand Companies in Albania. The ACF intends to improve the ability of successfully transferring information, thoughts and ideas, initially by starting with small audiences and then moving up to larger ones. The issues discussed during the Forum were focused on incentive’s the understanding of the core elements that comprise effective communication as a mechanism of growth. 2. Breaking Stereotypes Breaking Stereotypes Balkans is a three-day Training Course, which aims to bring together young leaders coming from Balkans (Kosovo, Monte Negro, Serbia, Greece, and Macedonia) to solve the crucial issues of the young generation. This project is created by the official members of AWP, most of them trained in the field and with an international experience. During our interaction with young people and not only, we have identified the urgent need for a re-connection with history, good traditions and our roots for the preservation of the so-called “national character” which differs a lot from the impact that Albanians have in the international arena. The participants need to understand that the fight is not about the creation of a positive stereotype, but about awareness and understanding the reality.  We intend to raise awareness and not raise national feelings! 3. Albania’s Next leader Albania’s Next leader is an EntreLeadership Program designed to identify potential individuals in Albania and abroad. The program also aims to prepare future business leaders by using effective methods and Technics to identify the potential individuals in Albania. The entire Program of Albania’s Next Leader is designed as a package of some other Activities. ANL’s first condition is the Collaboration with an Organisation, Institution or a University, as an important part of the Program

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Vjola Thoma
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Vjola Thoma