Aha Moments, Center of Intercultural Learning, Education and Research

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5, 314 Street
Sofia 1415

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Private Company
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  1. Youth and education
General Information
Aha moments is a Centre of intercutlural learning, education and research. It operates as an international team of consultants, facilitators, seminar and project leaders. The team functions flexibly and gets together in response to the diversity of tasks to be completed. The company has one member permanent staff, one adminstrative assistant and an accounting adviser. The company budget is euro 10.000. It funds itself through the activities we do. We initiiate, organise and teach on courses, seminars, workshops and a variety of training activites. We deliver a variety of consultancy services in the field of intercutlural relations. We initiate and take part in projects. Internationally, Aha Moments is part of reserach and education teams. Aha moments partners with Council of Europe, SIETAR Europa, International Association for Intercultural Education, University of Plovdiv, Radius International in Germany, University of Durham and Univesrity of Manchester; University of Shumen, NGO's, New School Foundation, etc
Mission and Objectives

We exist to help individual people, and young peopel in particular, to understand the interculturality of their own and the global contexts better, and to communicate with ease and confidence.
We assist teams, individuals and organisations to study and work more effectively across cultures.
An "Aha" moment is one of those times in your life when you discover a new insight. It’s a breakthrough moment that actually changes you. We all have “Aha” moments. Exercising and learning can help us seize them and learn.

Main Projects / Activities

Designing a Teacher Training Module based on the Council of Europe's Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters
Delivering a Distance Learning Course "Intercutlural Competence for Translators and Interpreters"
citizenship education seminars
Seminars for Study Abroad young people
Seminars for higher edication studenst involved in international mobility
Intercultural training for Detska Kitka choir
Intercultural trainings for the hospitaluty business
Intercultural trainings for enhancing the capacity of NGOs
Diversity Training
The Bell of Bela Rechka EU project

Contact (1) Full Name
Leah Davcheva
Head of the organisation
Dr Leah Davcheva, founder and director
Contact (2) Full Name
Yana Docheva