Association of Parents of Handicapped Children and Youth - Leptir

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information
General project activities Organization’s structure: President, secretary, accountant, Assembly, Steering Board, volunteers and associates hired for certain projects. Number of employees is 10, and those are: president, secretary, accountant, speech therapist, defectologist, physical therapist, trainers for Art therapies and gesture language. One of the above mentioned team is a person with disability. Our association is funded through awarded projects proposals by international donors. Sources of funds are as well self sustainability through sale of creative items created at Art therapies. Funds received from this activity are used for purchasing of diapers, vitamins and material for workshops. One portion of our sources is funds from memberships. Our association will also receive 2500 KM which will be used for travel to sport competition within Special Olympic Games in B&H. All our activities are subordinated to our goals from Statute, achieving them through rehabilitation, different educations, retraining, employment, campaigns and seminars which help children and youth to integrate into community and wider. Our main partners were international organizations, which funded and supported institutional strengthening of Leptir through different kind of educations. Those organizations are CARE, UNDP and CNF-CEE više for more than one year.
Mission and Objectives

Association of disabled children and youth “Leptir” is non-governmental, humanitarian, non-political, and non-profitable and multi-ethnic organization established and registered on 14/09/2010.
Goal of the organization is providing of the complete rehabilitation of children and youth disturbed in development, with all kinds and levels of disturbances. In cooperation with donors, Municipal Authorities, and with support of membership fees and networking with other NGOs from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Milići and Vlasenica, these goals are being achieved through realization of concrete project activities, such as education, humanitarian activities, and provision of medicine, legal, social and other help to families which have disabled children.

Main Projects / Activities

Main projects:
Project funded by Council of Ministries B&H in amount of 59,000.00 KM – “Treatments for education and rehabilitation for disabled children and youth”.
Through implementation of above mentioned project, we wanted to provide rehabilitation and education for socialization to children and youth with special needs. Therefore, we organized treatments for education and rehabilitation for disabled children and youth.
During the project we organized education for parents of the mentioned children, so they could help them better in rehabilitation and socialization in a community.
Aiming at improving health condition and problems our beneficiaries and their families meet, we organized speech and defectological therapies, psychiatrist treatments, ART therapies, educative workshops for children and youth with special needs, their parents and teachers. Subjects were related to raising and education of children with special needs; on workshops they learned Gesture language, needed for children with hearing impairment and mental disbursement.
* CNF – CEE “Treatments for rehabilitation and education for disabled children and youth”
Project extension was in 2009, with budget of 26,000.00 Euros.
This project comprised 62 children and youth, disturbed in development and with all kinds and levels of handicap: light, medium and hard mental retardation, with hearing, sight and speech impairments, motor control and with combined disturbances (different syndromes: SY West, SY Down, SY); and which live in Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići municipalities. We provided treatments for education and rehabilitation (which our institution are not able to provide) for these beneficiaries.
This project in total comprised 186 members, which are their parents, brothers, sisters, school friends, teachers and medicine workers.
Association “Leptir” is the only one dealing with problems of this target group. And the target group is children and youth with psycho and physical disturbances, their parents, teachers, school friends, social and medicine workers.
Main activities were:
• Treatments for rehabilitation for 75 beneficiaries
• Physical therapies for 43 beneficiaries
• Creative workshops – ART therapies for 20 beneficiaries
• Education of parents
We have planned to implement all above mentioned activities equally in Srebrenica (for children from Srebrenica and Bratunac) and Milići (for children from Milići).
*CPCD – Improvement of living conditions for children and youth with disabilities – 5,000.00 KM
* “Improvement of living conditions for children and youth with disabilities” – Center for Promotion of civil society.
The project has been implemented in municipalities of Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići. Within this project implementation out of received funds, we purchased food, vitamins and clothes for our 45 most vulnerable beneficiaries. There were 21 volunteers hired from three municipalities, Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići.
We hired 15 volunteers for collection of hygienic items in front of the bigger stores, and 6 volunteers for cleaning of houses and preparing wood for heating.
Implementing this project, we wanted to present to the municipal authorities from Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići, and national authorities, in which socio-economic conditions of living children with special needs live.

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Vesna Stjepanović
Head of the organisation
Željka Katanić