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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information
The board of Aditus consists of the 3 founding members, including the chairman. Dr. Neil Falzon is one of the founding members and Director of Aditus. Besides the director Aditus at the moment consists of one intern and a number of volunteers (10 persons at present). Budgetary resources available last year of 2011: income: 8480.56, expenditures: 6208.99. Regarding sources of funding these include: eu funding, private funding, state (via tenders). The modalities of action include organising seminars, carry out training, research, integration projects, pro bono legal assistance, monitoring of reception centres, awareness raising. Aditus work closely with several other organisations, primarily UNHCR Malta, Jesuit Refugee Service, Integra, and MGRM (Malta Gay Rights Movement).
Mission and Objectives

aditus believes in the universality, interdependence and indivisibility of all human rights and strives to promote our rights-based understanding and application. Whereas aditus’ focus is Malta, we work towards highlighting the regional and international dimensions of human rights in Malta.
aditus is an independent, voluntary and non-profit organisation established with a view to monitor, act and report on access to fundamental human rights by individuals and groups.

Main Projects / Activities

We are ongoing carrying out a number of activities and at the moment concentrated primarily on the following:
Meet the other (integration project in collaboration with UNHCR)
Legal advise and assistance (preparing case for European Court of Human Rights, pro bono assistance mainly migration and LGBT cases)
Publish informational leaflet on migration (distributed by the Times of Malta)
Running blog on European Asylum Support Office (
Planning of events for World Refugee Day
Research and report on the level of integration of third country nationals in Maltese schools (FES tender)
Consultation for Children's Policy
Stakeholder seminars (training of e.g. Apogg Agency (social welfare) in legal issues relating to asylum seekers and beneficiaries of protection)
Theatrical performance and photo exhibition: 9 Parts of Desire (in collaboration with theatre group Troupe 18:45).

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We believe that our expertise in the field of migration and LBGT issues may be of interest to other organisations both in Malta and beyond.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Through the ALF Network we expect to expand our network, apply for the funds that we eligible for, and hopefully find partners (nationally and transnationally).

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Dr. Neil Falzon
Head of the organisation
Dr. Neil Falzon
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Dr Carla Camilleri