"Bridge through the times" in action

"Bridge through the times" in action

The new member of the network - association "Magna Silva" already started with the quizzes on the project "Bridge through the times", about which we shared information in the previous newsletter. The quizzes were held during February in the Great Basilica in Plovdiv, which is also a partner in the project. At the moment there are 5 teams that have participated in the competition and that show extremely high knowledge on historical topics. The release of the historical board game, developed especially for the "Battle for Philippopol" project, will be held very soon. The "Magna Silva" team, together with their tour guide colleagues, are preparing a training program for teenagers to train them as voluntary touristic guides for the cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv. We will be waiting for more information on the development of this activity. Volunteers of the association will select and "adopt" five of the less known historical sites for the city to contribute to their socialization.

We also attach links to the facebook page of the organisation from which you can see the implementation of the described activities: