The Beehive Community

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Zoodochou Pigis 31
10681 Athens

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General Information

The Beehive Community is a social cooperative enterprise of 6 people and many more community members, based on Social Solidarity Economy values. We focus in education and we foster Culture of Care through workshops, seminars, retreats, European programs, conferences and festivals. We are supporting the well being and the empowerment of individuals, groups and communities actively with special focus on actors of change. Through enhancing their resilience we increase our positive impact. We collaborate with organisations and networks like DOCK, RIPESS, Nexes Interculturals, Kaléido'scop and Ninfea. We are members of the Association of Social and Solidarity Economy of Attica.

Mission and Objectives

Our goal is through personal and collective development, to enhance social change. Our vision for social change is directly related to the liberation of people from personal and social constraints, so that they can act to their full potential, freely, creatively and with a high level of awareness.
We create the conditions for all members of our community to be empowered and to contribute positively to the effort to move to a society based on respect, mutual support, equal opportunities & rights for all.

Main Projects / Activities

European Erasmus Plus projects
Workshops and seminars on:
Effective Communication, Active Listening, Effective Speaking
Empowering Activism
All about Social Solidarity Economy
Improvisation Theater
Authentic Connection
Dance for deaf and hearing people
Montessori education
Positive Psychology

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

By offering ideas and services and participate in the organisation and dissemination of events.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

To connect and collaborate with other European networks and organisations, exchange ideas and practices and increase our positive impact.

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Christina Papadopoulou
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Christina Papadopoulou