Students in Albania gain insights on media information literacy and challenges in the digital age

Students sitting , listening to the discourse on media literacy

Students in Albania gain insights on media information literacy and challenges in the digital age

UNESCO and its partners celebrated Global MIL Week 2023 with a series of events organised in Albania to promote Media Information Literacy and journalism in classrooms.

This year marked the 13th anniversary of Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week, a major occasion where stakeholders reviewed and celebrated the progress achieved towards Media and Information Literacy for All. Global MIL Week 2023 focused on digital spaces and gave the opportunity to explore paths for strengthening multilateral cooperation with digital platforms and other stakeholders.

The EU-funded project ”Building Trust in Media in South-East Europe: Support to Journalism as a Public Good” aims – amongst other things – to adopt MIL policies and integrate them into formal education to support the MIL skills of women and men, and notably youth, to think critically. Within its framework, a series of events were organised by the Albanian Media Institute (AMI), HoN Albania, in partnership with the Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education (ASCAP) and the support of the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA). 

"Global MIL week highlighted some promising action in connection with media and information literacy in the last year and how it helps to nurture trust and counter mistrust. "Think, before you click!" emphasises the importance of critical thinking, one of the key competencies of media and information literacy, and a much-needed skill in today’s environment marked by the digital revolution." - Remzi Lani, Executive Director, AMI

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