ALF network members in Albania share the Sounds of Solidarity

a musical band playing instruments and two conductors

In the frame of the Mediterranean Day, three members of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network
in Albania have joined the initiative to spread sounds of solidarity in their local communities.

The proposals were selected out of ten applications submitted in the call for proposal for the
“Mediterranean Day 2023” launched by Anna Lindh Foundation.

Musical events took place in Tirana, Elbasan and Shkodra at the same time in the early evening.
The implementing members, Center for Education and Social Advancement (CESA in Tirana),
Youth Rights and Citizenship Initiative (YRCI in Elbasan), and Young Intellectuals, Hope (YIH
in Shkodra) shared the message of solidarity, unity and coexistence considering the current
situation that people in Euro-Med region are facing, through orchestrated simultaneous musical performances.

Each of the members organized their musical event in cooperation with local administrations and involved
different artists, with the intention to reflect diversity and unity within that diversity. The events
were livestreamed in Youtube, Facebook and one in Shkodra received television coverage.

The musical events went beyond the purpose of entertainment and celebration, they were an
expression of the genuine effort to connect people through the universal language of music.


Here are the links to the livestream: