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Baltorpvej 114 2mf , Ballerup, Denmark
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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. International/Cultural relations
  7. Media
General Information

CYN has 9 staff members in total. Amongst those are Halmat Faraidon Managing director, co- founder and a part of CYN since 2012. Marc Wacker, Special Adviser regarding organizational development and, co- founder and a part of CYN since 2012. Mette Seier Helms, Trainer and Advisor, a part of CYN since 2016. Hana Faridoon Kousted, Project Coordinator, a part of CYN since 2014

Since 2012, CYN has been a part of more than 100 national and international projects with budget from 5.000€ - 250.000 €. Annually the organisation's budgetary resources are up to 100,000 euro.

CYN is currently involved in projects funded by:
Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges and Training Courses
Erasmus+ Small Scale Partnerships and Strategic Partnerships
Erasmus+ Sport
Copenhagen Municipality (Department of Integration and Recreation)
The National Board of Social Service of Denmark

Mission and Objectives

Our services cover areas related to climate preservation, gender equality, mental health, and well-being. Additionally, we strive to create and promote inclusive environments that result in innovative and inspiring organizations. We provid services that strengthen individuals’ and organizations’ abilities to withstand difficulties. Our services include research, facilitation, project management, and training with the goal of fostering more active citizenship and a more sustainable future for our target group and the planet.

CYN is committed to implementing sustainable business practices in order to reduce operational risks, enable innovative business opportunities, and contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Building peaceful societies that encourages equality is crucial for sustainable development. In situations where conflicts occur, it is essential to implement social protection programs that address the needs and rights of vulnerable groups and populations. Progressing towards gender equality by empowering women and girls can play a vital role in the economic growth of nations.

CYN prioritizes the social inclusion of refugees and migrants and socially disadvantaged population groups in general. Our projects aim to strengthen communities by developing their soft skills, improving their self-image, developing their leadership skills, fostering their mental health, and supporting them throughout their educational and employment journeys. We strive to support and empower individuals in achieving their full potential, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society.

Ensuring fair opportunities for individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and foundations is a critical aspect of our work. Our colleagues, including those with degrees in international law and human rights, as well as our network of external consultants and research analysts, have vast experience throughout the whole spectrum of the human rights-based approach to development. We offer various services to advance human rights and equality, including:

1. Implementing international human rights and international humanitarian law mechanisms: This involves integrating human rights and humanitarian law principles into the policies, procedures, and practices of CYN, as well as monitoring and evaluating the impact of our work on human rights and humanitarian law. CYN also advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights and humanitarian law at the national and international levels, and engage in partnerships and collaborations with other actors to further these goals.

2. Advocacy for youth and adult with migrant and refugees background: CYN is a member of the first-ever European self-representative structure for organisations led by people with migrant background. The organisation engages in advocacy efforts aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by migrants and refugees, such as discrimination, lack of access to education, healthcare, and social services, and precarious living conditions. CYN further engages in community mobilization and awareness-raising activities aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination towards migrants and refugees. Overall, the organisation aims to ensure that refugee and migrant individuals are able to access the support and resources they need to live with dignity, safety, and security in their new communities.

3. Providing social protection to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups: CYN works to build the capacity of local communities and governments to provide social protection services and to address the root causes of poverty and exclusion. This involves providing training, technical assistance, and resources to local organizations and community groups, as well as engaging in partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders.

4. Gender equality and women’s empowerment: CYN provides education and awareness-raising programs that address gender-based discrimination and violence, promote gender equality, and provide women with the skills and knowledge to participate fully in society. These programs address gender stereotypes, harmful practices, and norms that limit women’s opportunities and choices. As a result, CYN offers empowerment programs that aim to increase women’s economic opportunities, political participation, and leadership roles.
Our work in these areas is essential to promoting sustainable development and building peaceful societies that respect the rights of all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Main Projects / Activities

Copenhagen Youth Network (CYN) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2012 with experience in working with marginalized inner-city children and youths/young students in Copenhagen with different ethnic backgrounds and social/ economic resources. Through intercultural events focusing on recreational activities the aim is to promote inclusion, improve the life quality, friendships and self-respect/- awareness. The events have been implemented through a constructive partnership with the Municipality of Copenhagen (Department of Integration & Recreation). Since the summer 2015 CYN has also coordinated, hosted and implemented numerous EU "Erasmus+ projects with participation of young people 18-30 years of age from countries across Europe and outside in a cross-cultural meeting, dialogue, and common exploration of relevant societal issues. As partner we have been involved in more than 30 Erasmus+ projects abroad since 2016 and as well joined Salto Youth courses in countries abroad. It is CYN's mission to unite young people across the European landscape (and eventually the rest of the world) for mobility seminars and explorative workshops concerning relevant and common societal issues. Our aim is to foster solidarity, intercultural awareness, and educational, job related and personal competencies for youths in and around Europe. By bringing together young resourceful individuals we wish to share knowledge, establish networks and improve trans European relations with specific focus on communication and teamwork. Ultimately in order to strengthen European unity and identity and promote social inclusion and intercultural awareness and competencies.

The organisation provides trainings on the following subjects:

Media literacy and critical thinking
Prevention of Violent Extremism
Human rights
Intercultural communication
Mental health and physical health
Cultural festivals
Social gatherings (with Board-/Social-Games, teambuilding’s)

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Halmat Faraidon
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Head of the organisation
Halmat Faraidon
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Yoana Barakova
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Research Analyst