Laboratorio Europa: Advancing EU Engagement and Addressing Contemporary Challenges

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Laboratorio Europa is an organization devoted to analyze and to study EU matters. It operates within EURISPES and brings together experts, representatives, and practitioners from both academia and civil society. The initiative was founded bby Mr. Carmelo Cedrone, former coordinator and trade unionist. Following his passing in September 2022, the position was taken up by Prof. Umberto Triulzi, an economist and European Political Economy Professor at the Sapienza University of Rome.

The main goal of Laboratorio Europa is to actively engage European citizens and institutions by sharing valuable ideas to address the challenges faced by the European Union in the modern era, particularly concerning issues such as the climate crisis. By highlighting EU problems that could potentially threaten the Union's future stability and erode citizens' confidence, the organization advocates for a "European Renaissance" as a response to existing challenges and as a way to ensure that EU institutions are prepared for any future crises.

Currently, Laboratorio Europa is organizing a series of five thematic meetings, which aim to strengthen its community presence within the EU arena. The first meeting, held on 13 April 2022, centred on the EU's role in the energy sector, with debates focusing on renewable energy, nuclear energy, hydrogen, rare-earth elements, e-fuels, and bi-fuels. The second meeting, held on 16 June 2023, focused on EU efforts to redefine strategies and the content of the European social protection and the welfare state model.

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