The month of May was full of productive activities in CĂąmpina! đŸ˜ŽđŸ€“Â 
First of all, we finished writing the first draft of the Youth Strategy of the city, putting together all the information gathered so far and the identified needs. 🧐
We hosted the Turkish coordinator of the "emPOWER YOUth" project, who gladly visited us in CĂąmpina. We participated in a class discussion about the youth strategy we have been writing on! The meeting took place in CĂąmpina at Colegiul Național ”Nicolae Grigorescu”, where she met the young people who helped write the strategy and together with the other students in the class they discussed the objectives proposed. It was a great opportunity to practice some English speaking skills while deciding the future of the youth! 🙌
Then we had a meeting with the mayor who was glad to hear we have a first draft of the strategy to discuss! So we're excited for next week, when we have set a meeting to do exactly this, have the young people of CĂąmpina debate their future together with the authorities keen on helping them in this endeavour!
Wednesday marked our visit to Bucharest, where together with the Turkish coordinator and the young people in the project, we visited FNT, Fundatia Nationala pentru Tineret, an amazing youth centre where we had a lot of things to learn and we took a lot of notes in order to bring them home and implement them for our young community in Cùmpina! 
đŸ‡čđŸ‡· The afternoon was more official, with our visit to the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest, where we met with the Turkish Ambassador and had a discussion about bilateral relations between Romania and Turkey, we learned about scholarship opportunities offered to students wanting to study in a Turkish university and even got some ideas of Turkish dramas we could watch to learn some basic words for our visit in Ankara in a couple of weeks!
"EmPOWER YOUth" is a project organized under the framework of THE:PLACE programme, managed jointly by ALDA and MAD, funded by Stiftung Mercator and implemented jointly with the Development Workshop, Ankara and promoted by ALF Romania.