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Private Company
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  1. Arts
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General Information

Mindpark is a group of creative coworking spaces in Sweden, with branches in Helsingborg, Malmö, Hyllie, Lund and Gothenburg and is home to numerous small and big companies, events and inspiring meetings.

Mindpark in Helsingborg has a community space called Open Space Mindpark, a creative meeting place for everyone who wants to test ideas, innovations and knowledge. The space physically located in Mindpark Helsingborg is funded by the municipality of Helsingborg, and the space is sponsored by Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB.

The space also houses the Mindpark reception, which caters to both Open Space Mindpark and the coworking space located on the first floor. 

Mission and Objectives

The main objective of Open Space Mindpark is to provide an opportunity those who want to test ideas - from students to newcomers to established entrepreneurs. Anyone who has an idea and would like a test space and a receptive audience is welcome to the space.

The space is given out for free, provided the host does not charge the audience any fee for events/workshops.

Main Projects / Activities

We see three kinds of activities taking place at Open Space Mindpark:

1. Recurring events - Events that take place at regular intervals such as Coder Dojo (coding for children every Tuesday evening), Pecha Kucha Nights (once a month), Open Sessions (coaching by experts on areas such as accounts, networking, sustainability etc., usually once a week)

2. Stand-alone events - Events that occur either on one day or during a period, but have an ending date. For example, in 2022-2023, we had someone organize workshops on sustainability over 4 months as part of a grant they had received. Another example is when volunteers collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine organized an art market to raise funds.

3. Exhibitions - We also offer physical space to new artists who want to showcase their works to a test audience. The space can also be given out to any product prototype. An example of the events that took place in Q1 in 2023 can be seen in the report attached.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We would be happy to give out space for events and workshops in Helsingborg if the idea and vision of the event align with ours. Our other co-working spaces in other cities do not have big event spaces, but if someone from the network has an idea for a talk/workshop that they would like to organize, we would love to explore the possibility of collaboration.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

There are several learning opportunities within the ALF network which can be very helpful and useful for our network. We would also love to explore how we can collaborate with other members and do more things in Helsingborg with those who do not reside here. We would also like to open up the space to different activities and provide opportunities to members who want to expand to Skåne.

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Project Manager, Open Space Mindpark
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Karsten Deppert