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The socio-cultural impact of COVID-19: exploring the role of intercultural dialogue in emerging responses

Impact of covid report
Mansouri, Fethi.
Year of Publication

Through inductive exploration of authentic, local, community responses to the COVID-19 crisis, this brief aims to shed light on the new context in which the ICD agenda is being pursued, complementing the many existing quantitative analyses of the socio-cultural impact of the pandemic. In doing so, four core objectives will be advanced:

1) an exploration of the impact of COVID-19 on ICD and community relations;

2) an examination of the creative community responses to these challenges, in particular online ICD initiatives;

3) the identification of key principles for the design and implementation of effective policy responses; and

4) an initial reflection on the potential for ICD to contribute meaningfully to a post COVID-19 context in order to support and further improve intercultural relations and solidarity that have been impacted by the pandemic.