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Good Practice

Learning indeed

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With the aim of improving relations among youth in Euro-Mediterranean region Learning indeed set out to offer young people the possibility to learn about themselves by learning about others.

The project targeted especially disadvantaged youth who do not have the opportunity to meet others and who due to lack of knowledge will be easy to manipulate by those who spread hate and discrimination in the region.

The organisers achieved the aims of the projects by educating 20 young people about the concepts of “otherness” and "difference" by introducing them to stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination and xenophobia and different methods to fight these negative trends. Learning about these themes with the help of modern technology and means of expression was a precondition to minimize xenophobic behavior and discrimination.

The activities were implemented on multiple levels: first at the individual level where participants explored the cultures of others by virtually travelling to other countries and learning about its hosts which in turn improved intercultural dialogue.

The results of the project included a guide developed for each of the ten included countries. All in all, the project ran for a period of 12 months, with 20 direct beneficiaries (youth from 18-35 - gender balanced and marginalized) and indirect - 12000 citizens of the region reached through continuous visibility campaign, all implemented in partnership with Dynamic Development Association - Istanbul.