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Societies in the Euro-Mediterranean region are experiencing challenges due to an influx of people fleeing war and violence from the South to the North of the Mediterranean. This, in turn, has instigated fears, prejudices and misunderstandings among different groups in society. Yet, youth are less possessed by prejudices. That is why Home New Home aimed to provide youth with opportunities to explore the world of others through visual art and creativity. These visual works were later showcased through public screenings across the Euro-Mediterranean region online.

In addition to providing creative opportunities for youth, the project aimed to influence the public opinion and to promote democratic values and respect for diversity. Furthermore, the project aimed to influence cultural images and stereotypes in the mainstream media.

To achieve its goals, the project organizers set out to address issues relating to the refugee crisis of 2015 and 2016 with short documentary films. An aim of these documentaries was to highlight the views of citizens from six cities and five countries that received refugees. These cities and countries included: Athens and Lesbos in Greece, Izmir in Turkey, Tyr in Lebanon, Amman in Jordan and Ramallah in Palestine. Most participants had never used a camera prior to the workshop and they received training in cinematic narratives in intensive seminars by established directors and academics in schools, universities and refugee camps. Participants to the seminars also included Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees and citizens.

The project was carried out by a wide network of partners such as the municipalities of Athens and Lesbos, Open Schools (an initiative run by the City of Athens), Regional Development Fund of Attica, Anna Lindh Foundation and Goethe Institute.