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Good Practice

Diaspora - Awareness about Migrations in the Mediterranean

Good Practice Illustration

Both Jordan and Portugal face and deal with the reality of migration – a phenomenon historically rooted in the Euro-Mediterranean region. With these observations in mind, the organisers of Diaspora - Awareness about Migration in the Mediterranean set out to promote social awareness about migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The activities included a variety of educational tools such as happenings, exhibitions, workshops and websites created by young educators and artists in Portugal and Jordan. Participants of the project were chosen based on their personal history of migration - being refugees, immigrants or descendants of people that had to move from one country to another, for different reasons.

The outputs of the project were also developed so that they could be showcased in public spaces,  on the internet, the street and schools. This decision was made with the aim of benefitting from informal learning used within the parameters of art education, theatre of the oppressed and street art. The outcomes of the project were also translated into multilingual presentations (in Arabic, Portuguese and English).

In total, Diaspora included the participation and contributions of 14 young educators from Portugal and Jordan with 14 organizations participating in the implementation. During the course of the seminars, the participants became acquainted with 14 multilingual educational tools/activities in Portugal and Jordan.